WoL-ARP-Mon 1.0.2 for Windows 10


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This is a small program to ARP scan your LAN for active MAC addresses. All found MACs will be stored. You are able to search for certain hosts and also to send out Wake On Lan Requests to stored devices. Features: Sends ARP-Requests / Performs ARP Sweep Pings Sends Wake On Lan Datagrams Stores MACs and IPs found online in local LAN Timer to scan network every 15 minutes for active systems by doing ARPrequests Can scan for active hosts even firewall blocks all TCP/UDP ports and ICMP Listens on RAW socket to collect semi-passively active hosts Software is "portable" and will run without installation Search function to show matching hosts only Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. What´s New in version 1.0.2: Corrected a bug in parsing of the settings textbox which specifies the IP-Ranges. This bug was causing the application to crash if there were empty lines at the end.